The Upcoming Release of The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts

We’ve been hard at work on The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts, which comes out on 8/1/15.

The response from bloggers and reviewers has been terrific.

More Reviews for The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts

Those who enjoy suspense, ghost stories, and a little hint of romance are sure to devour Tansley’s novel.”—Foreword Reviews

“This book gets five stars from me because it’s a great read, a quick read, and it keeps the reader wanting more. I can’t wait for the second book to come out.”Goth Girl Reads

“…a very good little ghost story with some good characters and background. Four Stars.”Melissa Martin’s Reading List

“K.C. Tanlsey has brought all the atmosphere of ghost stories to life in a riveting read that promises to entertain from start to finish. There is a steady flow, lots of mystery and, of course ghosts, the only things missing are the campfire and the marshmallows!”Tome Tender

“She [Tansley] has a unique take on traditional ghost telling and her cleverness is in every chapter! I recommend going ahead and pre-ordering this one! You won’t be sorry!—Rebekkah Jane and Destiny Philipose’s Book Reviews

“It had many plot twists that I never saw coming. I really hope that there will be a second book! 5/5 stars”—Jen Surma @BookAddict526 Blog

“Author KC Tansley has written an engaging story that will immediately hook and draw the reader right into her world of mystery, suspense, intrigue, romance, betrayal, curses, spells and the paranormal along with its many twists and turns that can’t be foreseen in a place where nothing is as it first appears. I know one thing for sure, I have found a new favorite author and cannot wait to read more books by this amazing and brilliant author!!”Eternal Book Reviews by Holly Kirsch-Newhouse

“If you want something that defies pigeon-holing (It’s a YA, ghost, mystery, paranormal romance, time travel adventure) you definitely need to read this book. Afterward, we can bond over our mutual impatience for book two, because I believe that this series will take off, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.”—Bibliotica

“Tansley created a great cast of interesting characters. The dialogue and writing in general was compelling and I found myself reading through the entire thing in one sitting. At one point I got a Withering [sic] Heights vibe from the story which was very cool.”Cherry at the Bookish Blog

“I would highly recommend this book for anybody who love a murder mystery case with a hint of paranormal.”Emilie at Blossom Book Reviews

“It is a story of full of mystery, ghosts, and surprises. It was really hard to put this book down because I was so excited and curious as to what would happen next. I also really liked Kat’s voice as a character and was easy to escape into her world. The supporting characters added a lot to the story as well and were very believable. The plot was really unique and intriguing. I definitely recommend this story and will be following this series!” Pitseleh Books Blog


There are some great giveaways going on right now where you can win copies of The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts.


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There are a few more days left to preorder your copy of The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts.

Bookplates & Author Events

Author K.C. Tansley has free bookplates for anyone who preorders the paperback and can’t get to one of her signings. You can contact her for details on how to get your personalized bookplate.

Tansley has some great author events coming up this summer and fall. Check out all the places she will be on her book tour. She will be sharing author goodies at her signings too.


The book’s Facebook Launch Party will be on August 3rd from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Stop by to play party games and win cool prizes.